Retail Business tends to provide fast and customized services to keep regular customers.  To improve customer's experience, Internet of Things (IoT) technology helps to collect customer's behavior and be instantly responsive to their needs in a smart way.  A powerful POS system is the key feature of Smart Retail Solution in local level.

QBiX2-GLKA5005H-A1 is chosen by smart retail solution providers in Southeast Asia.  This slim-design client system meets both requirements as POS terminal and data collector as well as with dual display output, richh USB ports and COM ports.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is indispensible to smart warehouse solution.  QBiX-GLKA5005H-A1 & QBiX-KBLA7100H-A1 are selected by multi-national warehouse solution providers for its ultra-small form factor and fanless design to easily install without risks of fan damage in limited spaces.

Anti-shock and anti-vibration designs gurantee the system stability during operation.  Wide-range power input support and various I/O ports are to keep all the peripherals working perfectly with GIGAIPC QBiX series of embedded systems.  

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