The Era of Multimedia Retail is Coming...

GIGAIPC Solutions Satisfy the Diverse Needs of the Market.

The retail industry has entered the era of high-quality audio and video. Screen resolutions are becoming higher, and
digital contents are becoming easier to produce. As a result, traditional static texts and photos are becoming less
attractive. For the smart generation of retailers, digital signage, POS, and kiosks equipped with high-quality displays have
become their new marketing tools. Marketing through the use of images has been a part of the retail industry for a long
time. However, rapid improvements in image quality and resolution plus the transition to cloud-based management of
the images has become the trend in recent years. Therefore, in addition to high-speed computing capabilities, the need
for connectivity in retail multimedia systems is also growing day by day. In response to the different multimedia needs of
smart retail, GIGAIPC has launched a variety of solutions to provide the industry with comprehensive options.

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