GIGAIPC Builds a Complete Industrial Control Product Line Meeting the Diverse Needs of Smart Manufacturing.

As Industry 4.0 takes over the world, intelligentization has become the most important trend in the manufacturing industry. However, the size of the manufacturing industry is immense, making it difficult to complete the digital transformation. In terms of the current development of the market, the mainstream practice of the industry is to start with image related applications, for example equipping the AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system  with  intelligent inspection functions with the help of AI in order to reduce labor costs and enhance inspection results. Another example would be to integrate machine vision and  robotic arms to create a system with eye-hand coordination to elevate production  line flexibility. GIGAIPC has been working on the industrial field for years, and has continuously strengthened its technological know-how in recent years. The various types of industrial computers specifically designed for smart manufacturing introduced by the company are capable of satisfying the smart imaging needs of the manufacturing industry.

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