Smart Retail - Smart Digital Signage

Smart Retail - Smart Digital Signage

Gigabyte will showcase its smart digital signage solution:

Focus on the eyes

The GIGABYTE SDM-7100L is powered by the Intel® CoreTM i3-7100 processor, which delivers enhanced display performance for sharper images and richer colors, combined with AUO (PFSDM55A) high contrast, colorful and slim Smart Display Ready 55” LED 4K screen, showing more realistic image content, so Gigabyte smart digital signage can provide the best image playback effect, attracting most people to stop and watch, to achieve the effect of collecting customers.

Accurate marketing

The Gigabyte SDM-7100L is equipped with a flying face recognition system and a 3D lens to analyze and judge the gender and age of the audience. In addition, it also provides a powerful computing performance G server (Deep Learning appliance: G481-HA1, G291-Z20). The application, the SDM-7100L obtains the returned face recognition data through the edge calculation, performs the flow calculation and analysis, and obtains the big data analysis of the advertisement preference by the AI ​​deep learning, and immediately pairs the analysis result according to the analysis result. The information is presented to the right audience. Gigabyte's smart digital signage can instantly analyze the customer's attributes and play the right videos to achieve accurate marketing performance!

Success Case

Gigabyte cooperates with Taishan Enterprise Co., Ltd., a fine food company in the local area, to provide advertisements for 4 age groups and 2 gender zones according to age and gender. There are 8 kinds of film content, which makes Taishan enterprises here. In the cooperation, the product information can be accurately conveyed to the right consumers, and through the collection and analysis of big data data, the product development and marketing strategy can be more effective reference value, precisely because of the substantial benefits brought by the choice of smart marketing.

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