Gigabyte & GIGAIPC's IOT Gateway System

Smart Agriculture - GIGAIPC's IOT Gateway System

In order to develop agricultural technology applications, Gigabyte has taken the first step to develop a smart IOT ecosystem system for agriculture, to help farmers reduce workload and improve manpower shortages, using the front-end environmental sensors, photo-monitoring systems, and equipment controllers. The IO-3815 (Smart IOT Gateway System) developed by GIGABYTE uses wireless communication transmission technologies such as WIFI, ZigBee, and LoRA. After collecting data and image data at the front end, users can access the crop growth environment in each batch. Information, and compare growth results, to give an environmental setting that is more conducive to the crop growth environment.

This management system can also be extended to greenhouses and farms. If the amount of environmental sensors is very large, you can connect to the cloud storage device Virtual Store Appliance: H261-H61.

Application benefits:

  1. Increase production capacity: Instantly control the IOT eco-box environmental factors to achieve the optimal growth environment of the plants. After the users have planted multiple harvests, they can collect data from the big data database to compare the growth environment of different batches of crops. More favorable growth environment values ​​increase production capacity.
  2. Reduce the manpower burden: remote monitoring via mobile APP, if the situation can notify the relevant personnel in time, or use the remote control for manual processing, the labor cost can be greatly reduced.
  3. Collecting and analyzing data: Through the cloud database server provided by GIGABYTE (VirtualStore Appliance: H261-H61), it can collect environmental data such as sunshine, temperature and humidity, soil moisture, etc., and perform big data analysis to provide improved crop growth conditions. Judgments based.

Gigabyte Smart Agriculture System - The IOT Ecobox provides an agricultural technology application solution that enables farmers to increase the yield and quality of their crops while maximizing people's healthy lives!

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