Smart Retail - Clothing Fitting Style O2O

Smart Retail - Clothing Fitting Style O2O (Online to Offline) Experience Marketing Solutions

Gigabyte (Gigabyte Group) uses technology industrial-grade mainframe (Mini-ITX equipped with 8th generation Intel® CoreTM i processor, Dual channel DDR4 memory + high-end graphics card), combined with ULSee. AR/VR software solution, combined with AUO 42”touch screen (P420HVM02 0) and technology (Gigabyte Group) 3D lens, also uses Gigabyte G server (Deep Learning appliance: G481-HA1, G291-Z20), combined The on-premise AI training program developed by ITRI provides excellent image display, augmented reality technology and big data management.

During the experience, consumers use 3D Camera to create 3D modeling and present 3D human body simulation images on the screen, which can be adjusted according to men, women, height, hair, accessories and underwear.

Advantages of GIGABYTE Smart Mirror O2O

Causing community power

When the consumer experiences the mirror, the data is collected and analyzed by the host edge computing and the network cloud host, and then transmitted back to the consumer mobile APP. The consumer can share the fitting result to the social media through the mobile phone to form a marketing communication effect.

Precise marketing

Through the online service, the clothing experience store uses the server database to analyze the local seasonal and climatic data, and provides consumers with suitable clothing information. Due to the combination of network data collection and analysis, the store and consumer interaction services are more accurate. 

Reduce dressing time

After establishing personalized 3D modeling, quickly and accurately select the appropriate clothing through the APP line, and then touch the clothing material in the store. It can reduce the dilemma of long-term dressing when spending.

Gigabyte's Clothing Fitting Style provides O2O (Online to Offline) an excellent experience marketing solution.

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