GIGAIPC and GIGABYTE are honored to join "The New Era of 5G and AIoT" Seminar, hosted by Microsoft and Chander Electronics Corp. on December 29, 2020.
GIGAIPC presents various embedded system products, such as ~
The first 5G-support embedded system in the industry:
Embedded System specialized in image processing: QBiX-JMB-CFLA310HG-A1
Industrial System for industrial/IoT/smart-retail applications: QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100H-A1 / QBiX-Pro-APLB4200H-A1
Mini PC Box for corporate/POS/smart-retail applications: QBiX-GLKB4125-A1
Upcoming brand new water-proof embedded system: QBiX-WP-APLA3940H-A1。

GIGAIPC will be continuously launching more advanced embedded solutions for our customers to catch up the latest 5G and IoT technologies.

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