GIGAIPC receives Letter of Appreciation from Turkish Trade Office in Taipei

In the past few months, countries around the world are putting all efforts to fight against COVID-19 epidemic and searching all kinds of solutions to increase healthcare equipment as soon as possible.
Turkish government and organizations are working on a domestically designed and manufactured ventilator system "Sahra" and seeking for overseas hardware providers' help.
GIGAIPC is pleased to participate in this life-saving project as an associated vendor.  We dedicate all the efforts with our partners to pull in materials schedules and organize production capacity in order to fulfill this urgent demand of 5K shipment before the end of May.  

GIGAIPC honorably received the Letter of Appreciation from Turkish Trade Office in Taipei and Taiwan in Turkey 駐土耳其代表處 / Taiwan Trade Center, Istanbul  official annoucements on our efforts.  We are pround to help.  Together, we will get through this difficult time.  

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