GIGAIPC''s Precaution Policy to COVID-19 Virus

1. Restricted access to HQ office & manufacturing sites.  Use video conference or phone meeting to avoid face-to-face contact.

2. Flexible working hours to avoid commuting crowd.

3. Take your temperature everyday. If you have temp. over 37.5°C or symptoms of fever and flu, please quarantine yourself immediately and report to GIGABYTE GROUP’s Epidemic Prevention Center.

4. Institute rotating schedule and divide into work groups.

5. Cancel overseas business trips. It's also strongly recommended to cancel unnecessary private tours, or staff must be honestly report to GIGABYTE GROUP's Epidemic Prevention Center & have 14-day self quarantine at home before returning to office.  

6. A periodically release guidelines regarding epidemic prevention and health security.

7. We will continue to follow preventative and health recommendations from Taiwan CDC to take any necessary actions to protect the health of our staff.

Wash your hands with soaps, wear surgical masks & avoid public area and keep social distancing in order to protect yourself and loved ones.

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